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The new album by Marcin Wyrostek and the band is largely different from his previous works. After years of touring with a repertoire consisting of Argentinian, Balkanian and Latin American music, the musicians felt that they needed to reach for the music culture they were growing up in. This turn towards Polish culture was also influencedby the many themed concerts played outside of Poland, during which Marcin Wyrostek served the role of a Polish culture ambassador. The arrangements and compositions created for those occasions became the foundation for the new album by Marcin Wyrostek titled "POLACC", where various motives of POLishness were combined into one by the common denominator of the ACCordion. An unexpected help in the process of creating the new album came from Marcin's band members, who represent different cultural roots. This resulted in a mix of various musical characters, tones, traditions and memories, ranging from Pomerania in the north down to Silesia in the south of Poland. The album contains both compositions inspired by folk music as well as modern arrangements of works by prominent classical and film score composers. There is also a place for more popular vibes inspired by the 1960s and 1970s as well as original, often very surprising, pieces by Marcin. The noble sound of several compositions on the album is further emphasised by the guest performance of a chamber orchestra and a brass section. "POLACC" is by definition a colourful and energetic album, and the featured compositions are a result of searching for a common Polish musical sensitivity that can be discovered in Polish music of various genres over the span of many years.

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