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Marcin Wyrostek Band Classy

Marcin Wyrostek Band Classy is a majestic combination of the accordion with the classic orchestra sound. This project was born through the band's search for new music challanges. "The orchestra adds a unique element to our music and the collaboration with orchestras and conductors spurs us on to constantly develop ourselves." Marcin Wyrostek The project premiered in 2013 on the stage of Forest Opera in Sopot in front of an audience of several thousand people. That very concert became the foundation for the album "For Alice", which was created in collaboration with Orkiestra Aukso conducted by Marek Moś. This project may feature a string quartet, a chamber orchestra or a symphonic orchestra.


  • Marcin Jajkiewicz – vocals
  • Marcin Wyrostek – accordion
  • Mateusz Adamczyk – violin
  • Daniel Popiałkiewicz – guitar
  • Agnieszka Haase-Rendchen – piano
  • Piotr Zaufal – bass
  • Krzysztof Nowakowski – percussion instruments
  • Orchestra

    • String quartet, chamber orchestra or symphonic orchestra
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Marcin Wyrostek - Oficjalna Strona

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